Now Available! New Ice Vending Machine Model – BOI 300 SF

Bag of Ice is proud to introduce its newest and most economical ice vending machine model: the BOI 300 SF.

Starting at just $16,500, the SF Store Front series was designed specifically as an ice freezer/ice merchandiser replacement unit for convenience stores and other retailers currently selling ice.

No longer lose money due to pilferage or over pay ice delivery companies – fresh ice can now be vended on demand for up to 90% less wholesale.

The BOI 300 SF vends 10 lb. bags, stores 300 lbs. of ice on demand and can be equipped with a Hoshizaki 515, 901 or 1340 lb. ice makers. Consumers can both pay and vend their ice at the vending machine, or the ice can be purchased at the cash register and then vended. Your choice!

Also, like all Bag of Ice models, water vending is available as an option.

Call 877-371-1555 today to see if the BOI 300SF can dramatically increase you profits!

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