Buying an Ice and Purified Water Vending Machine: Choosing a Quality Machine

There are several factors that you should consider when purchasing an ice and purified water vending machine. First, the reliability and longevity of ice and water vending machines are directly related to the quality of construction, materials used and the components within it. Ask the manufacturer what the case or walls, frame and internal component boxes of the vending machine are constructed of.

Keep in mind that the exterior of this equipment will be outdoors and hence enduring the elements. Just as soda machines left outdoors for a few years look in poor condition, so will your ice vending machine if plastic exterior parts are utilized.

On the other hand, the inside of the machine will be moist, making stainless steel and aluminum optimal interior materials. Internally, the frame, component boxes and floor pan should only be constructed from aluminum or stainless steel, otherwise corrosion and rust will quickly set in.

Equally important is the material used to manufacture the ice storage bin and the components with in it. Augers and agitator bars are generally installed inside the ice storage bin to circulate and deliver the ice. Using any material besides food-grade stainless steel to manufacture the bin and its components will greatly reduce the ability to keep it thoroughly clean, and dirt decreases the longevity of your vending machine. So insist on food-grade stainless steel.

Not unlike the ice storage bin, the machine front – where the consumer vends ice or water – should also be made of food-grade stainless steel. Not only does it keep its attractiveness, sterilization is easier and the surface will not degrade over time like plastics and other base metals will.

Before you invest, personally examine the construction, materials and fasteners that go into the construction of the machine. Cheaper parts mean shorter life. If you are not knowledgeable on these matters, find someone or hire someone that is. The bottom line: If you are going to make the investment into this very profitable field, invest in reliable equipment that is manufactured with quality, long-lasting materials.

Bag of Ice vending machines not only adhere to the above, they are the leaders in innovations that insure the quality and reliability of your long term investment.

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