Bag of Ice (BOI), located in Lake City, FL, is a leading-edge manufacturer of ice and purified water vending solutions. Drawing on more than 10 years of experience building ice vending machines, Bag of Ice produces high quality, cost-effective ice and purified water vending machines for profit-minded individuals and businesses.

Recognizing both the economic advantages of producing ice on-site and the flexibility of machine placement, BOI designs small footprint, high capacity units that compete not only with both the existing ice merchandisers selling delivered ice, but with larger ice vending manufacturers whose machines are the size of a small building.

BOI’s units not only produce quantities of ice equal to much larger machines, but are also ecologically friendly as they require no costly refrigeration systems. As an innovative company, BOI was the first company to introduce this cost-saving, profit-making feature to the market place.

Mechanically, Bag of Ice machines have been refined to provide the highest possible reliability. This translates to an improved customer experience and higher profits. Besides focusing on the purchaser’s benefits of owning a reliable, cost effective machine, BOI also focuses on providing optional custom features such as customized graphics and styles to promote your particular business. This provides the ice buying public a clean, attractive and efficient machine which reliably delivers ice and water. This translates into repeat business that means higher profits for you!