3 Ways to Make Your Convenience Store More Environmentally Friendly


  1. Local Products: The more locally you can source items for your convenience store, the less distance your merchandise will need to travel, and therefore the fewer exhaust fumes your delivery methods will feed into the atmosphere.
  2. Organization: Organization is the key to environmental friendliness. Keep organized stockroom records to make sure you do not over-order for your store. Consolidate future orders when possible, conserving fuel costs and reducing your store’s carbon footprint.
  3. Ice Machine: Investing in an ice machine rather than relying on freezers to house ice is a great environmentally friendly change. Rather then running on refrigeration alone, an ice machine boasts insulation, conserving its coldness, and lowering overall energy costs.


Would you like to install an ice machine in your convenience store? Bag of Ice offers fabulous ice machines, perfect for improving your convenience store’s environmentally friendliness.

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